anchor PermaGlaze is a cost-effective alternative to replacing porcelain or fiberglass bathtub fixtures.  Our solution can make a worn-out bathtub, sink or one-piece fiberglass shower unit look brand new, and at the same time retain a classic style and a clean look. We can help you do this without the high cost of removal, remodeling, or renovation.\"/lisinopril\" bathtub reglazing

People that utilize higher-cost acrylic tub cover-over alternatives are paying up to 4 times the cost of a PermaGlaze solution.  The result from a cover-over tub fitter is an unaesthetic, expensive cover-up that does not retain your classic design.

As the most progressive and innovative company in multisurface restoration, Permaglaze specializes in the renewal of worn and damaged fixtures and surfaces, including bathtubs, sinks, tile, porcelain, metal, fiberglass, vitreous china,  Formica and cultured marble.

Work that our customers request include tub re-glazing and resurfacing ,tub and sink restoration , bath and sink update, refinish, paint, change color, repair and fix fiberglass damage.